Ever wondered how many peoples lives we touch during the course of a lifetime? I didn't have a clue until I began the awesome task of sifting through 50 years of slides, photographs and negatives. It runs into hundreds! Most of these people we only know for a brief period and then our lives take different routes and they vanish with time, others become long term friends.

Whatever the case, I decided to share a selection of images and memories in the event that someone, somewhere, would come across the site by chance, recognise themselves and rekindle the odd memory. For friends its just a way of sharing some of the good times!

The images span the years from the early 1950's to the present day and include those from my days at Cragside Infants, Stoneyholme Junior, Towneley High School, Beecham Research Laboratories in Worthing, Proctor and Proctor, Royal Air Force, Paradyne, and Syncordia. It is not meant to be exclusive - anyone who was at those places during the same time is welcome to send in images or memories to be included in the pages for the rest of us to enjoy.

Hope you enjoy, and if you recognise yourself or anyone whose name I have forgotten then drop me an e mail, and don't forget - pass on the word. If you have a photo or story you would like to include then let me know, the only proviso is that I must know them. Good luck to you all wherever you are!

Colin Ormston.

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