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ISBN: 978-1-84799-401-1

An anthology of poetry by Colin Ormston and Rod Pilkington. Two poets with vastly different styles, Rod Pilkington and Colin Ormston, have collaborated to produce an anthology of poetry covering a variety of aspects of love and human issues. Rod's eclectic style focuses on a wide range of subjects whilst Colin's structured approach to poetry specialises in the romantic. Thus both approach their work from opposite ends of the literary spectrum, producing a collection of real variety and truly earning the name "Bookends". We hope you enjoy this brief visit to their world.

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ISBN: 978-1-4452-0380-5

Poetry and Prose by Colin Ormston, Rod Pilkington and Christy Charles. "Aspects" explores the difference in styles when three poets are set the task of writing on the same subject. With widely different approaches and styles, Rod, Christy and Colin produce a compilation of real variety as each is challenged by subjects outside of their normal comfort zone. The remainder of the book is devoted to a comprehensive selection of their own work - love, humour and a varied selection of general poetry makes this an essential read for poetry lovers everywhere.

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