TEACHING STAFF (A to F) 1956 - 1972
Name Subject Commenced Ceased duties
Mr. K. Armistead Art 1st. May 1958 31st. December 1964
Mrs M. Armistead Physical Education 1st. January 1964  
Miss. K. Ashworth Art and Needlework Heasandford THS 31st. July 1957
Mr. J. Atkinson Junior Science 17th August 1970  
Mrs. D. Bayliss English and School Librarian Heasandford THS  
Miss A. Baldwin History and Games Mistress    
Mr. T.K. Banks English 17th. August 1964  
Mr. W. Barton Retired former Deputy Head at Towneley Technical High School - taught Art part time during Spring Term 1958    
Miss Bentley Physical Education / Biology 16th. August 1971  
Mr. R.J.W. Bevan Religious Instruction 13th. August 1951
Towneley THS
31st. December 1960
Miss B.M. Blinston English 1st. September 1957 4th. July 1958
Mr. B. Boardman Chemistry 1st. January 1960 30th. November 1963
Mr. R. Bracewell Mathematics 1st. September 1952
Towneley THS
Mr. Bullock Junior French / German 17th. August 1970  
Mrs. J. Burrows Domestic Science 1st. January 1961  
Mr. K. Burton Boys Crafts 16th. August 1971  
Mr. P. Byrne Chemistry 27th. January 1964 31st. December 1965
Mr. T. Chaffer Geography    
Mr. R Chevin English - supply teacher Summer Term 1957 13th. May 1957 13th. July 1957

Mrs. A . Clare

Remedial Classes 16th. August 1971  
Miss E. Clark French / English 16th. August 1971  
Mr. N. Clarke Science - temporary post 1st. September 1959 31st. August 1960
Mrs. D. Clegg English 18th. August 1958  
Mr. D. Cronshaw English - supply teacher Spring Term 1957 7th. January 1957 30th. April 1957
Mrs. K.M. Cummings Art 27th. September 1965  
Miss. D.M. Davies Music 1st. January 1960 17th. May 1961
Mr. M. Dawson Remedial Classes 16th. August 1971  
Mr. E. Dearing Chemistry and Biology Heasandford THS 31st. August 1965
Miss B.A. Dixon   Heasandford THS 30th. April 1959
Miss H. Dodding (Later Mrs. Waddington) Domestic Science and Needlework 17th. August 1959 31st. December 1960
Mr. H.V.B. Eden Engineering and Drawing    
Miss A. Eagleton French and English 1st. January 1964  
Mrs. M.A. English French - temporary post 1958 1959
Mrs. J. Fenton School Secretary 23rd. January 1961 1st. September 1964
Mrs. J. Fenton Domestic Science 8th. January 1968  
Miss B. Foster Art 18th. August 1958 20th. September 1965
Miss M. Foulds* Domestic Science - (* Mrs Shackleton w.e.f. 19th July 1964) 1st. January 1963  


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