Burnley Technical
High School
1956 - 1972
First Entry in the Headmaster's Log - 27th August 1956 - opening day of Burnley Technical High School.

This school, the Burnley Technical High School, opened this day, being a school organised by the merging of the two former Technical High Schools - Towneley and Heasandford, for boys and girls respectively.

The school roll is 707, and there is a total teaching staff of 40 made up as follows:
Headmaster: Mr. H. Lancaster J.P.
Deputy Head: Miss A. Sharples F.R.G.S.
Senior Master: Mr. I. Redhead M.A. B.Sc. B.Comm.
Senior Mistress: Miss E. Pemberton;
The following Full-time Staff:- Miss Ashworth, Mrs. Bayliss, Miss Baldwin, Miss Dixon, Mrs. Griffiths, Mrs. Ingham, Miss Mitchell (new appointment), Miss Nicholson, Miss Stocks, Miss Waddington, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Waring, Miss Woodhead.
Messrs. Bevan, Bracewell, Dearing, Eden, Green, Haworth, Hurst, Hodson, Johnston (as from 1.9.56), J. Lord, W. Lord, Roberts, Sparks, Speak, Saul, Traynor, Wall.
Part-time Staff:- Mrs. Lord, Mrs. Joyce, Mr. Wilson (loaned for one day per week by the Municipal College to take Plumbing), Mr. Threlfall, Mr. Miller.

Headmasters Log Excerpts from the Headmaster's Log 1956 - July 1966
Headmasters Log Excerpts from the Headmaster's Log August 1966 - 1972

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