Excerpts from the Headmaster's Log 1956 - July 1966

2nd to 5th September 1957
During the Asian Flu epidemic, at one point 418 children out of a total of 663 were absent from the school through illness, and 11 staff members. Schools in Burnley closed one and a half days prior to the normal September holiday.

16th January 1958
Lecture to 1st year children on "The affects of alcohol on the human body"!

31st October 1958
Shuttleworth house win swimming championship over Assheton at North Street Baths by 70 1/2 points to 69.
School Champion - D. Saul (Assheton)
Mid School Champion - B. Moore (Starkie)
Junior School Champion - D. Buck (Shuttleworth)

Christmas efforts 1958
6th Form Boys - Carol Singing - £3/5s/0d for School Honours Boards
Girls Choir - Carol Singing - £6/12s/6d for Cancer Research
Towneley - Gifts and decorations for Christmas Tree at Fern Bank Childrens Home
Assheton - 4 large boxes (toys, books and food) to Salvation Army and 25/- to Dr. Barnardos
Shuttleworth - 30/-, toys, books and games to NSPCC
Starkie - 300+ books, 10 dolls, 90 other toys and 32/-, to 70 children in 34 homes, (inc. chocolates and sweets) and to Fern Bank.
28th November 1959
Bring and Buy sale organised by the houses in aid of the World Refugee Appeal Fund raised £236/6s/2d which was handed over the Mr. Samuel, Treasurer of the fund.
7th December 1959
Boiler burst in the old boiler house. Rooms 4,5,6a,6b,9,10,11,and 12 closed as too cold, and classes being sent home for half days according to the headmaster's discretion. Boiler repaired and normal attendance resumed on the Friday.
4th February 1960
Governers Meeting. The Headmasters resignation as from 31st August next is accepted.
9th March 1960
Boiler in the main building burst owing to strong, very cold East winds. Rooms 4,5,11 and 12 were unusable with temperatures in the lower forties. The Director of Education gave permission for classes to be "played off" as required. New boiler installed 23rd March.

1st May 1960 (Morning)
Interviews for six applicants for the Headship of Burnley Technical High School. Four of them visit the school in the morning to look around.
Mr. I. Redhead, formerly Deputy Head of Towneley (Boys) Technical High School, first master of Burnley Technical High School and at present Head of Oldham R.C. School is appointed to the Headship of Burnley Technical High School in succession to Mr. Lancaster.

15th June 1960
School Sports Day - Lovely afternoon.
Winning House - Shuttleworth.
Victor Ludorum -Steward Windle (A).
Victrix Ludorum - Marilyn Till (T).
Champions - Mid School - Kenneth Reid (Sh), Dena Leaver (A), Judy Chapman (St).
Champions - Juniors - Duncan Buck (Sh), Kathleen Briggs (St).

25th August 1960
Tea and meeting for past and present members of staff and friends for presentation to Mr. Lancaster - speakers- Mr. Beeston, Mr. Redhead, Mr. Houseby, Dr. Miller, and Miss Sharples - response Mr. Lancaster. Arm Chair presented to Mr. Lancaster and flowers to Mrs. Lancaster.
31st August 1960
School's presentation to Mr. Lancaster led by Ian Stewart and Marie Eastwood, last year's head students who made the presentation - a dinner service. Mr. Lancaster gave his advice to his school and completed his service as Headmaster of Burnley Technical High School at 4-0pm on this day.
1st September 1960
Miss Alice Sharples took over duties as Head of the school from this date until the appointment of the new Headmaster - Mr. Redhead.
13th September 1960
On Sunday at 4pm the Mecca Dansette Empress Ballroom burns down two days before the annual prizegiving for the school is due to be held there. Headmistress contacts Mr. R.O. Beeston and the Secretary of the Trustees of Brunswick Chapel was approached as was the Treasurer of Wesley - both consent to the use of Brunswick Chapel.
9th January 1961
Mr. I. Redhead took up duties as Headmaster.
11th February 1961
North Western Area Fencing Championships held in the school on Saturday afternoon. Miss Whiteside staged the tournament. Seven pupils from the school competed. One girl, Christine Winterbottom won the Girls' Championship.
11th March 1961
The School Football X1 won the Area Final Competition by defeating Rhyddings S.M. School Accrington 3-0.
16th March 1961
The School Football X1 travelled to Bolton Cty Tech. School in the Quarter Finals of the Football Competition and were beaten 0-2 after a very good game.
23rd March 1961
Mr. MacDonald broke his wrist in a fall during the Staff vs School football match. (1-1)

25th May 1961
School Sports Day Results:
1. Shuttleworth - 120 pts
2. Towneley - 96 pts
3. Assheton - 63 1/2 pts
4. Starkie - 56 1/2 pts
Victor Ludorum - S. Windle
Victrix Ludorum - D. Hadfield

20th June 1961
Boys Swimming Gala at North Street Baths.
Result: 1st. Shuttleworth, 2nd. Assheton, 3rd. Towneley, 4th. Starkie.
Girls Swimming Gala
Result: 1st. Towneley, 2nd. Shuttleworth, 3rd. Starkie, 4th. Assheton.

Since the events and scoring for the events was so different for boys and girls, it was decided to keep the results separate. It is hoped, next year, to hold a Junior and Senior Gala and award one trophy for the combined House.

28th June 1961
Presentation in the canteen at 4:30pm to Miss Sharples, Deputy Head. Mr. Beeston - Director of Education present.
29th June 1961
School presentation to Miss Sharples - a radio set from the children.

30th June 1961
Final House Scores:

    Cr Dr
1 Assheton 3792 338
2 Shuttleworth 3088 449
3 Starkie 2713 401
4 Towneley 2529 361
14th August 1961
New Term commenced. The new intake of 122 children was accommodated in 4 Forms.
The new timetable was put into operation: it allowed for all classes in 1st, 2nd and 3rd years to be mixed and to follow a general non-specialised course. The 4th and 5th forms were then organised in groups following chosen courses and providing definite options in subjects. These groups too are in most cases mixed.
21st October 1961
The School Football XI won the Centenary Cup, beating St. Theodore's 2-1 on Towneley Playing Fields.
15th December 1961
The first Old Students Association Dance was held in the school hall. Approximately 200 attended.
27th February 1962
Mr. A Crossley, the boilerman, collapsed and died on the premises. The school sent a wreath and tribute.
6th March 1962
Messrs. Barnard and Melanify H.M.Schools visited the school. Their particular concern was P.E. and the wider aspect of P.E. and the provisions in school life. (Editors comment - nothing's changed!)
17th March 1962
N.W. Area Fencing Championships were again staged in the school. Better attended than the previous year, attracted a great number of competitors. Messrs. Barnard and Melanify H.M. Schools were present, the former presenting the prizes. School successes were Vena Eastwood and Heather Tomlinson - 3rd and 5th respectively in the Girls' Section. Gilkinson 2nd in the Junior Boys' Section.
26th March 1962
School very cold following a bitterly cold weekend and boiler only on slow feed. There was a deputation of staff to lay complaints which were passed up to the Director, Mr. Waine. Children wore coats and scarves but none went home.
28th March 1962
Two boys, Ian Howarth and Raymond Garnett were appointed to do 8 hours per week as Lab. Stewards. They are to put in the time after school and before opening at 8:35am.
15th May 1962
Stephen Gilliver (IIIA) was notified that he had been awarded a place in the Fencing Coaching Class at Lilleshall.

13th June 1962
School Sports Day and splendid weather.
1. Towneley -120 pts.
2. Shuttleworth - 100 pts.
3. Starkie -81pts.
4. Assheton -38 pts.
Victor Ludorum - B. Mitchell
Victrix Ludorum - Dearna Hadfield
Altogether 8 old records were broken.

20th June 1962
Inter School Sports - The Boys were joint winners with Rosegrove.

2nd and 3rd July 1962
Senior (mixed) Swimming Gala at North Street Baths
Junior (mixed) Swimming Gala at North Street Baths
1. Towneley - 196 1/2 pts.
2. Shuttleworth - 157 1/2 pts.
3. Starkie - 147 1/2 pts.
4. Assheton - 131 1/2 pts.

11th September 1962
Inter Schools Swimming Gala - North Street Baths.
Girls won the cup for the best team.
Boys were 4th.
1st May 1963
Funeral of Mr. H. Greenwood, Caretaker of the school since 1940. The school was represented by two long serving members of staff and the Head Boy,
31st May 1963
Mr. Jump appointed as school Caretaker to replace Mr. Greenwood.
3rd July 1963
Senior Swimming Gala - Shuttleworth overall winners.
27th August 1963
Annual Swimming Gala at North Street Baths.
The Girls won both Squadron Championships and the cup for Overall Winners.
16th October 1963
A parent brought on behalf of himself and two other parents a complaint dealing with the behaviour of a member of Staff towards their three sons. This was investigated during an interview in the Head's room with the 3 boys and member of Staff concerned.
29th October 1963
A cheque for £10/10s/0d, the result of a school collection, was sent to Keith Snee, a former pupil of the school (left in July '63) who had lost an arm in an industrial accident.
13th December 1963
Mr. A. Lawson is conferred his MSc at a degree ceremony in Manchester.
31st January 1964
VI Form and Old Students Dinner Dance at hotel in Colne
20th May 1964
School Sports Day
Assheton House won the shield for their first ever success.
23rd May 1964
The Girls 1st and 2nd Teams won the Schools' Rounders competition held at Burnley High School.
2nd July 1964
V and VI form Boys with 2 members of staff visit Massey's Brewery! (Ed comment - some things never change!)
28th August 1964
G.C.E. O level results - overall 60% pass rate.

3rd and 4th September 1964
Junior and Senior Swimming Galas held at North Street Baths.
1. Towneley - 177 1/2 pts.
2. Assheton - 174 pts.
3. Starkie - 140 pts.
4. Shuttleworth - 136 pts.

In the Burnley Secondary Schools' Gala, the Girls and Boys were 3rd in each competition.

September 1964
Mock General Election Results:
1. Kevin Mclaughlin - Labour
2. Barry Robinson - Conservative
3. Colin Ormston - Liberal

29th September 1964
Staff meeting 4pm. General tightening up of discipline and measures to be taken so that the untidy work of the new 1st Year and the unsatisfactory work of the V form might be remedied!
15th October 1964
School closed for General Election.
26th October 1964
Mobile X Ray giving Chest x Rays for Staff and 150 senior boys and girls.
18th December 1964
Members of the Astronomical Society, augmented by 9 boys from Burnley Grammar School spent the night observing the eclipse of the Moon.
15th February 1965
The Head Girl, Carol MacFarlane was awarded one of the two Thwaites' Travel Scholarships given to Burnley pupils.

28th June 1965
School Sports Day - Towneley (106 1/2 points), beat Starkie (100 1/2) points in the last event of the meeting.

1st and 2nd June 1965
Senior and Junior Swimming Gala at North Street Baths - Winners: Assheton House.
20th September 1965
Interschools Swimming Gala at North Street Baths.
Girls won the competition in their section, Boys were second in theirs.
21st December 1965
House Results: Shuttleworth (2482) led for the term in Credit marks, Assheton (168) had the least number of Order marks.
31st March 1966
School closed for Polling Day.
1st. April 1966
VI Form Dinner Dance at the Hodder Bridge Hotel. 54 sat down to dinner, inclusive of 6 members of staff. The function proved to be most enjoyable.


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